Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Vampire Knight

It's been a while since Vampire Knight has been featured on HFG.  Recently, it was announced that Viz Media had licensed the anime version for release in America.  I wonder if the show will receive season sets (as is the trend currently in American anime releases) or if Viz will milk the fanbase volume by volume.

This post features a combination of Matsuri Hino's manga art, anime artwork, and some artwork created for the Japanese Nintendo DS game.

Image Archive (.zip):  RS or MF

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  1. I'm putting my money on volume-by-volume with some limited edition boxes that will probably include one volume of the DVD and one volume of the manga. Viz will probably follow up with 3- or 4-disc sets (2 per season). And when the audience finally seems tired of all that bullshit, they'll probably finally come out with season sets (with some LE goodies as compensation).

    xD I love those bedsheets. (the 2 pictures in the 4th row) Imagine sleeping on them~