Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures

In the post which featured artwork from the Anita Blake comic series The Laughing Corpse: Necromancer, a commenter mentioned that they liked the artwork from the previous series artist.  That artist is Brett Booth, whose artwork was featured in a Thundercats comic post

After checking out Booth's work on Anita Blake: Guilty Pleasures, the first Anita Blake comic series, I definitely like what I see. Even though he is no longer the artist on this series, I'd love to see him come back for some covers, pinups, or something like that.

Below, you'll find some more artwork from the series.  Also, I have created a special archive with only the textless art, including a larger version of the picture at the top of the post.

Image Archive (.zip) [Textless Images Only]:  RS or MF

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  1. Thank you for featuring the hotness that is Brett Booth's work. I hope he is called back for -something- as well. I have that poster of Jean Claude on my wall. Special frame and everything for that sexy beast.