Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gundam 00P

Gundam 00P is a side story to Gundam 00 that was serialized in Dengeki Hobby Magazine. It takes place before the events of Gundam 00, so the characters are different.  The story is essentially a light novel series.  Light novels are written novels that feature manga/anime-style illustrations.  Some of the yaoi stuff I've posted here (such as the art in the You Takashina post) come from novels like these.


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Friday, May 29, 2009

Battle For The Cowl #3

The Battle For The Cowl miniseries comes to an end with issue #3.  The story kind of takes a dive in the final issue (poor Jason Todd) but Tony Daniel still brings the eyecandy.  This may be the last time we'll see Dick Grayson as Nightwing (especially with a new Kryptonian hero now using the name in Action Comics).  Well, at least until DC brings Bruce Wayne back eventually.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Legend of The Galactic Heroes

Legend of The Galactic Heroes is a sci-fi novel series written by Yoshiki Tanaka.  It's a huge space opera with a lot of characters and political intrigue.  Like Tanaka's other works, such as Tytania (which was written after LOGH), this one was adapted into an anime series.  The anime version is a bonafide epic spanning over 100 episodes with movies and side stories as well.

Although the series is held in high regard, not so much as one novel, anime, or manga adaptation is officially available in English.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Wolvie, All The Time

The Wolverine Poster Book compiles many comic book covers featuring America's favorite mutant.  It's interesting to me how that character became arguably the most prolific character in the Marvel Universe.  A week without a book with Wolverine in it somewhere would be a complete and utter shock.

Beginning with the image above (and continuing to the ones below) the artists of these pics are Mike Choi, Salvadore Espin, John Romita Jr., Doug Braithwaite, Ron Garney, Frank Martin Jr., Jim Lee, and Phillipe Bouchet.


Sunday, May 24, 2009

Brotherly Love

There's always something hot about seeing two guys together.  However, when the guys are supposed to be brothers, it skirts the fine line between hot and forbidden.  That's the case with these Code Geass pics featuring Lelouch and younger brother Rollo.

I don't know exactly where these pics come from but I do know that they were done by Sakou Yukie.  She was an animator on Code Geass and illustrated many pieces of official art for the series.  So, I'm considering these official until I hear anything less.  Besides, if that picture of Lelouch and his mother is official, these could be too.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

More Saiunkoku

Before becoming a long-running anime of roughly 80 episodes across two seasons, The Story of Saiunkoku was a series of novels written by Sai Yukino and featuring illustrations by Kairi Yura.  Today's post only features Yura's illustrations.  In addition to illustrating the novels, she also did the manga version of the story.

The vast majority of the scans in this post were done by Saa-chan and you can find many more scans on her LJ.