Friday, May 23, 2008

Wolverine by Ed Benes

Going through my archive of pics, I found this image of Wolverine by current JLA artist Ed Benes. Although he's criticized a bit now (and often rightly so), I like some of his earlier work. In fact, some more pre-JLA Benes art will be the subject of a future post.


  1. What's he being criticized about? I haven't kept up with JLA.

  2. He is mainly being criticized for the quality of his artwork with the main criticism being that all his female characters and all his male characters have the same look and build. He's also criticized for his blatant female ass fetish.

    Personally, his earlier pinup stuff looks better than his JLA work to me. Sometimes, the musculature on the male characters doesn't look right to me.

    However, he's still a million times better than Liefeld.

  3. Lovely picture of our canadian guy! I'm looking for some material for a Wolverine-tattoo, and not a full coloured one where he wears spandex.