Sunday, May 18, 2008

Junjou Romantica

It's time for another video post and this time, the focus is on the new anime series Junjou Romantica currently airing in Japan.

This show is of note because it's based on a BL/yaoi manga. Despite the popularity of this kind of stuff in Japan, it's still a little bit rare to see actual TV anime made.

I've watched the first four episodes of the show so far and I'm enjoying it quite a bit. One thing I like about the show is that there are multiple couples. My favorite episode so far is episode 3, which doesn't feature the "main" couple at all.

The video I'm posting below is the opening theme to the show (which is pretty worksafe). If you're interested in seeing the show, it's currently being fansubbed by Aarinfantasy. More artwork from the show and/or manga may be featured in a later post. The artwork at the top of this post is courtesy of Saa-chan at

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