Friday, May 4, 2012

Young Justice: Five Years Later

The second season of Young Justice premiered last Saturday.  The new season takes place five years after the end of the first season.  Dick Grayson (who was Robin last season) is now Nightwing and, as you can see above, time has been very good to him. There's no sign of Wally, Red Arrow/Speedy, or current banner guy Kaldur yet. However, we do get to see Tim Drake as Robin.

More screencaps from "Happy New Year" are below.



Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Joe Jusko 90's Flashback

Today's post is a trip back to the early 1990's with Joe Jusko, an artist whose artwork has been featured here before.  Marvel Masterpieces was a series of trading cards with art by Jusko.  The artwork was collected in a collection of books called The Marvel Masterpieces Collection, which is where the pics in today's post come from.

Check out more artwork below.