Tuesday, May 26, 2009

All Wolvie, All The Time

The Wolverine Poster Book compiles many comic book covers featuring America's favorite mutant.  It's interesting to me how that character became arguably the most prolific character in the Marvel Universe.  A week without a book with Wolverine in it somewhere would be a complete and utter shock.

Beginning with the image above (and continuing to the ones below) the artists of these pics are Mike Choi, Salvadore Espin, John Romita Jr., Doug Braithwaite, Ron Garney, Frank Martin Jr., Jim Lee, and Phillipe Bouchet.



  1. no thanks, give me cyclops any day

  2. Funny how "America's Favourite Mutant" is Canadian, eh.

  3. I want this poster book. Where did you get it?