Monday, May 18, 2009

Monochrome Factor

Monochrome Factor is a manga created by Kaili Sorano.  In it, the balance between the normal and shadow worlds has become shaky and a boy named Akira Nikaido is enlisted to help restore the balance by a mysterious man named Shirogane.

This manga also got an anime version in 2008 and one interesting change is the hints of shounen-ai between Akira and Shirogane.  Apparently, there are no such hints in the manga.

I have seen some of this show and I wasn't particularly impressed.  Then, I saw artwork from the manga and liked it a lot.  Even though there is both anime and manga artwork in this post, I think the manga artwork (especially the color stuff) is a lot better.

While the anime remains unlicensed, the manga is available in the U.S. from TOKYOPOP.

Image Archive (.zip):  RS or MF 


  1. ouah !! I like those guy with leather collars !!

  2. Really beautiful artworks. >< I've watched all the anime and made a start on the manga, but now I really want to read it. :D