Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fun With Windows Live Photo Gallery

Today's post is a little bit different but I think you'll find it interesting.

In a commercial for Microsoft's Windows Live Photo Gallery, a little girl easily stitches together a panoramic photo using the program.  After seeing it, I decided to download the program.  I figured that I might be able to use it to stitch together some scans I have.  Well, it didn't work.  However, I discovered that the panoramic feature has other benefits.

A lot of animated shows pan the "camera" up or down to show a character in full.  I decided to see what would happen if I took some screenshots of such a pan and had the program try to stitch them together. 

The result was that you end up with a "full-length" pic of the character.  I decided to try a few of these, which I am sharing below.

First, here's a pic of Rayne made up of screens from the first episode of Neo Angelique Abyss:

Next, is a pic of Namor made up of screens from the Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes episode "Imperius Rex":
Here is a pic of Throttle made up of screens from the Biker Mice From Mars episode "Stalkers":

And lastly, here is a pic of one of the guys of Tytania, made up of screens from the show's ending sequence:
As you can see, this feature is something I will likely exploit for future posts.  I know there are other programs that have that same feature (and may not be as memory-intensive for someone with as many images as me).  If anyone has some suggestions, leave them in the comments or shoutbox.  

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