Friday, February 27, 2009

Interstella 5555

A few years back, Daft Punk made a series of animated videos for songs off their album DiscoveryInterstella 5555 is the feature-length movie made from those videos.  The movie contains no dialogue and uses visuals to tell the story of an alien music group that is brainwashed and whisked away to Earth to become the next big thing.  The only person who can save them is a space hero who is also the group's biggest fan.

There isn't a whole lot of artwork from this movie out there, so most of the pics are screencaps I made.  The movie is available on DVD, although your best bet is getting it from an online store.  I was never able to find it at an actual retail store.

Also, I've included the video for "Harder Better Faster Stronger" at the end of the post.


Image Archive (.zip)RS or MF


  1. OMG this is so creepy!!!
    I just watched the video and then thought that I would come and visit the site and what do I see Interstellar 5555 again XD wow that cant just be a coincidence can it?
    Anyway love the show.

  2. I loved these when they came out but did not realise that it was made into an actual movie. Will keep an eye out for it as I'd love to see it. Cool post. :)