Monday, February 9, 2009

La Corda d' Oro ~secondo passo~

Fans of the La Corda d'Oro anime will be happy to learn that it's getting a sequel.  La Corda d'oro ~secondo passo~ will be premiering in March in Japan.  Unfortunately, it looks like the show is not a new season of the anime but some sort of special or miniseries.  Still, this new show will have three new male characters  for eyecandy. 

Below you'll find some art from both the new and old anime along with some manga art and art from the video game series (including the new game).



Image Archive (.zip):  RS or MF


  1. Why do these all look like girls?
    IMO a guy that looks like women is not the way
    it should be done. Do these cartoonists know how
    to draw a military haircut? It's lots easier than all that hair is. And they're all so friggin' skinny legged. Count me out.

  2. the picture of len with a towel in the shower's HOT