Saturday, February 14, 2009

Misfits #4

This is the fourth installment of the Misfits series and the first one for 2009.  These posts feature pics that wouldn't warrant posts on their own.  This includes single pics from works or pics from properties that probably won't get another post.

First up, here are a couple of pics of the guys from Princess Princess:

 This guy is from an anime called Zettai Karen Children:

I don't what comic book these two scans featuring Batman come from, but I think they're pretty funny:

I also don't know what comic book this pic of Captain America came from:

This guy is from the anime Jigoku Shoujo (aka Hell Girl) and was illustrated by Atsuko Nakajima, the character designer of such anime as Get Backers, Trinity Blood, and Princess Princess.

Here's a summer-themed pic I completely forgot about when I did the last Special A post:

This cover to Adventure Comics #0 is a homage to an earlier comic book cover.  I think the pencils for this cover was done by Aaron Lopredi but I'm not sure.

I like the cover of the X-Men Origins: Sabretooth oneshot.  It's just too bad the comic itself wasn't all that great.  The pencils for this cover were done by Dan Panosian.

This piece of artwork by You Higuri is from a mobile phone game called 12 Tender Killers In A Mixed-Up World.  And get this...Hideo Kojima (of Metal Gear Solid fame) is one of the producers of this game! 

These next two guys are from an anime called Juso Kiko Dancouga Nova:
This pic features a guy from the anime Clannad: After Story:

This image is supposed to be the cover of the third issue of X-Men: First Class Finals.  All I have to say is that I can't look away:

Since it's Valentine's Day, I'm ending this post with a couple of couples.  The first image is a pic from Under Grand Hotel:

Finally, here are Apollo and Midnighter from The Authority:

Image Archive (.zip):  RS or MF


  1. Hey! That picture of Captain America can be found in a two-issue special called X23. Captain America and Daredevil capture X23 and try to find out who she is...