Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sengoku Basara

Sengoku Basara is a series of video games released by Capcom about feuding warlords in Japan.  If you think the artwork or style of these games look familiar, you're not entirely off base.  The games take place in the same time period of Japanese history as the Samurai Warriors games although those games are from Koei and Sengoku Basara is from Capcom.

An anime adaptation has recently started airing in Japan.  I have seen the first episode and found it a great deal of fun.  The show, produced by Production I.G., doesn't take itself seriously and is filled with some hilarious, almost homoerotic subtext amongst the action.  After all, you don't continuously scream someone's name if you don't at least care for them, right?

This post features artwork from the games and the anime.

Image Archive (.zip)RS or MF


  1. I dont know if its the translation but a lot of these characters are included in a game that i have for the Playstation 2 called Devil Kings i dont know if thats relevant but oh well

  2. Devil Kings is the Americanized version of Sengoku Basara. I completely forgot to mention that in my post. I wonder why none of the other games have been released in America.

  3. I've some ofKazuma Kodaka's doujin translated to english, they are great