Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hot Fictional...Guys?

It's April Fools Day and after not doing anything interesting last year, I figured I'd do something fun this time around.

Today's post deals with the anime/manga phenomenon known as the "trap."  A trap is a male character who looks just like a woman (and the reverse trap is a female character who looks just like a man).

The pictures below feature such "traps."  However, two of the pics have female characters in them.  If you're an anime/manga fan, this will probably be easy but if you're not, I encourage you to see if you can figure out which characters aren't male.

[Updated April 2:  And now the answers...]

Both of the pics above have male characters.  The one on the left is Bridget from Guilty Gear and the one on the right is Cecil from FFIV
This is the first pic with a female character.  This screenshot comes from Gundam 00.  The character in the foreground is Kati Mannequin, the female character.  The guy in the background is Billy Katagiri.
The pic on the left has Momiji and Haru from Fruits Basket (both males).  The pic on the right is the second pic of a female character.  She is Integral Hellsing from Hellsing (and a badass character, frankly).
This pic above is from Gundam 00 and features Tieria and Ribbons, who are both male (more or less).
Finally, here are the three guys from Princess Princess actually dressed up as...princesses.

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