Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Naruto is the insanely popular manga/anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto.  I will admit that I haven't watched or read much Naruto but I can understand its appeal.  The story involves ninjas.  That alone puts the coolness level up a notch.

There is a combination of manga and anime art in this post.  If you're interested in checking out Naruto, there are many many places to find it.  Both the manga and anime are being released in America by Viz.  In fact, you can go to Viz's Naruto website to see English subtitled episodes direct from Japan.  You can also see episodes on other sites including Hulu, and Joost.

Image Archive (.zip):  RS or MF


  1. The men of Naruto are quite hot, especially mysterious Kakashi.

    I started on Naruto before it hit the US and found it awesome...until it hit the US, but I'm slowly working my way back to it.

  2. I like the third pic due to the fact that it displays the teacher-pupil realationships between the char's

    Naruto was taught by Kakashi, he in turn by Naruto's dad, who was taught by Jiraya and he was taught by the thrid hokage.