Sunday, December 14, 2008

Misfits #3

It's time for another installment of Misfits.  To refresh your memory, these posts are dumping grounds for pics that don't fit normal posts.  This means everything from single pics that I like to pics where I don't know/remember anything about.

First up is a pic from the anime Gungrave.  I featured a pic from this show in the very first Misfits post.  This is the only other pic I found that I liked.

This next pic is sort of a combination of two things already covered here.  It's a Lamento illustration done by Makoto Tateno, who was recently spotlighted.

The next image is one I completely forgot I had.  It's a Fantastic Four cover by Michael Turner featuring Silver Surfer and Black Panther.

These next two pics are from Major, which I did a post on back in July.  The first pic is from the anime and the second pic is from the manga.  I really like the art from the later seasons of this anime but it's really hard to find, especially in a decent resolution.

This cute blonde comes from the anime Romeo x Juliet, which is an anime take on the Shakespeare classic.

Here are a couple of covers from the Beast Boy miniseries.

This next pic is of a guy from the manga Skip Beat.  If you're a fan of shoujo, you'll probably love this manga and anime.  I've been watching the anime and enjoying it immensely.

I didn't post this next pic in the Rival Schools post because I didn't know exactly what it was.  I don't think it's official art for the video game.  However, I don't know if it's comic book art or (damn good) fan art.

The guy in this pic comes from the Gundam Seed Destiny spinoff Gundam Seed: Stargazer.

This next guy comes from the anime Houshin Engi, also known as Soul Hunter.

The only reason why I didn't post this Get Backers pic in the post back in April is because of the girls in it.  The girls are from the anime You're Under Arrest, by the way.

Finally, this pic is probably the only image I've seen of just the guys from the anime Clannad.

This concludes another Misfits post.  There will definitely be another as I had too much stuff to put in this post.  I'm also going to mix in some smaller posts of only a few pictures amongst the regular, 11-15 pic ones I usually do.

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  1. Your picture are so great !!! You're a super great fan of yaoi !! Yaoi IS happyness !!