Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! - Anime/Manga

It's time to celebrate Christmas HFG-style!  This first installment of Christmas pics has an anime/manga theme. There's a good variety to be found, including pics from shows I haven't even featured here yet.

First up, Kuroshitsuji's Ciel and Sebastian want to wish you a Merry Christmas:

Next, the Ouran High School Host Club descends from the sky bearing gifts:

Kagome tries to cuddle with Inuyasha in this pic:

Two of the couples from Junjou Romantica celebrate Christmas in these manga scans:

The Get Backers join in the Christmas fun as well:

The first Code Geass pic is a group pic while the second one has Lelouch wanting to show you a Merry Christmas:


The Christmas pics from Kyou Kara Maou are really cute.  Here are two of them:

I like Lockon's green Santa suit in this Gundam 00 pic:

The main characters of Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny seem to combine Christmas and New Year's in this pic:

The characters of Full Metal Alchemist go Christmas shopping in this pic:

I don't know if this La Corda pic is really Christmas-themed or not...but it does have snowflakes:

And finally, could you imagine if Santa looked like one of these guys from Prince of Tennis?:

Look for the second Christmas post later today!


  1. Thanks for sharing many nice pics

  2. Thanks for the pics.
    Karen in that outfit looked hot and cold at the same time ^ ^