Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Misfits #1

Within my archive of pics I post on HFG, there are some that are good but don't make it to the site.  Usually, they are either new/extra pics from something I've already posted about or pics from something that I don't have much art from.  When I try to figure out what to post next, I often pass over these pics.  Now, I've decided that it's time to give these "misfits" their due.

First up, is some more lovely artwork from Night Head Genesis.  I think this artwork is by You Higuri but I'm not entirely sure.  It's a shame there isn't that much artwork for this manga/anime out there.

These next pics are screenshots from a hentai game called Lime-iro Senkitan.  Sometimes, there are attractive guys where you least expect them.

The next pic is from the anime Gungrave and I think it's the only pic I have from that show.

When I searched for Kyle Rayner pics for All-Request Week, I found some good pics of other lanterns.  Here's one pic each of John Stewart and Alan Scott.

And now a random hottie from Battle Chasers:

These two guys are from the online version of the awesomely underrated game Shenmue.

Here's a piece of  particularly sultry artwork from the Princess Princess anime I'm surprised I didn't post.

Finally, here is a gorgeous piece of Castlevania artwork by manga artist Takeshi Obata, best known for providing the art for Hikaru no Go and Death Note.

I hope you enjoyed this mix of misfits.  Sometime in the future, I'll post another set.

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