Friday, September 26, 2008

Dino Crisis 3


From the "Who Knew?" department, comes Patrick Tyler, the main character of Dino Crisis 3.  Capcom games often have attractive guys (Street Fighter, Resident Evil) and this guy is no exception.  It's rather unfortunate that Dino Crisis 3 got such a poor reception.

I've included the other good pics I could find of Patrick along with a pic of the only other male character in the game.


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  1. The third Dino Crisis game was a pile of crap, really. I never got an XBox when it was first released because it cost too much, and there were not that many titles available that interested me. Now I'm glad I didn't get one until they were cheap.

    Even though Dino Crisis 3 was that bad, I don't want to see the series go out like that. I want one more sequel with Regina. I don't even mind if they do two back to back sequels, as long as Regina returns. It's possible that Capcom just aren't interested because they have too much work to get done. But may be one day...