Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kichiku Megane

Kichiku Megane is a yaoi video game from the same company behind Gakuen Heaven. The plot of this game has a shy "uke" (bottom) become a super-"seme" (top) when he puts on a special pair of glasses.

The artwork for this game was done by Fuhri Misasagi.

This post features CG's from the game and some artwork from the 2008 calendar.



  1. This is a video game? What do you do with the characters? I'm not objecting, I just don't understand the concept.


  2. These types of games are mostly text-based. Certain decisions you make lead to the various scenarios portrayed in the CG's.

  3. oh my! I want to play this game! What great yaoi pictures...:p

  4. hey, where can i dl the game? or play it? it looks interesting :D

  5. OMG! I just saw a AMV for this game and let me just say it needs an OVA real soon! I mean REAL soon. Wow, The chars are just... *sighs and shakes head* yum-tastic! After seeing that one video it made me google the game to find out more and that in turn lead me here. So yay, for hot boysex w/ glasses, yeah!

  6. alot of people say that they actually have a anime for this!! i have been trying to find it but failed!i manage to find the manga and read it...only 5 volumes! and wow there's a game for this!!can i have the website?

  7. Ah, ha!

    I'm playing that game.
    I think this game's bad ending is quite scary:)