Saturday, June 20, 2009

Video Game Week Finale: Misfits #6

Video Game Week comes to a close with a special Misfits post.  A Misfits post usually contains pics that could not support a full post by themselves.  This time around, all the pics are from video games.

First up is the main character of the upcoming Wii shooter The Conduit:

Next are three pics of two hot guys from the upcoming MMO APB, which allows you to play as either a criminal or a cop.


Kratos (who we just saw in the Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny post) will be returning to his own series in the upcoming God of War III.  Hopefully, there will be a ton more art of him to follow the pic below:


The following pic of Deadpool was labeled as concept art from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  I'm really not sure if it is or not.

The Nintendo DS has an installment of the Tales series called Tales of Hearts that had an interesting release in Japan.  You could buy the game in two different versions.  One version had anime cinematics while the other had CG cinematics.  See what version you prefer in the pics of two male characters below:


Batman is looking pretty good in the highly anticipated Batman: Arkham Asylum as seen in these pics:


The following artwork is from a Conan The Barbarian video game, although I've forgotten which one.

This is the only artwork I could find of this guy from Saint's Row 2.  If anyone has more art of the buff, shirtless guy in this picture, I'd love to see it.


I like the style of the sequel Army of Two: The 40th Day.  I just wish I could see more of the guys again.


Finally, I somehow missed these four male characters from Virtua Fighter 5 completely when I originally featured the game.


I hope you enjoyed this special week of posts.  Things go back to normal on Monday.

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  1. My of my! That big black piece of meat with an hairy chest that Batman is punching is really appealing!!!! :D