Thursday, November 6, 2008

Junjou Romantica 2

I am definitely enjoying Junjou Romantica 2, the second season of the Junjou Romantica anime.  The new season is just as much fun so far as the first and it remains my guilty pleasure (if only because it's unapologetic fluff).

As such, I figured that I would post some more artwork from both the show and the manga.  Most of the manga illustrations by creator Shugiku Nakamura come from the Forever-More Gallery, which is linked in the sidebar.  Also, since I didn't post the opening in the Fall 2008 Anime post, you'll find it at the end of this one.



  1. holy shit this junjou romantica show is gay!!!! omg!!!! omg!!!! ''

  2. i love your pictures *_______*