Saturday, November 29, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Takeshi Matsu

Today's Artist Spotlight post is the first to feature a gay male manga artist.  The artist is Takeshi Matsu and you'll probably notice that his art style is a bit different from what is normally featured here.  His style is what Western fans refer to as "bara."  In short, it features more muscular, masculine looking males.  Unlike most yaoi (which is usually created by women for women), bara is created by men for men.

For most Artist Spotlights, I try to use works from artbooks as opposed to actual manga scans or scanlations.  Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, Takeshi Matsu has not released an artbook of any kind.  As a result, this post is made up of selected (worksafe) scans from his works.  For more, I recommend you check out the newly reopened Gabe's Yaoi Corner (link contains adult content), which includes mature content I won't be posting here.



  1. Ah, hey Lagosta!

    I immediately checked out this post when I saw you were doing Takeshi Matsu.
    And, of course, thanks for linking it to the blog!

    And dude, I have a lot of Takeshi Matsu's artwork(most is worksafe), which he released on his site a while ago. If you ever need it, feel free to e-mail me!

    Once again, great post!

  2. @Gabriel: I'd like to see that artwork. It would make for a great post.

  3. Great post ! I have discover the bara art wich is diffrent from the yaoi art ^^ and I love it !! Thank you so much !

  4. You can purchase his titles from Japan, there are many online shops that cater to foreign shoppers. There's also many private forums that file share.

  5. hey..takeshi's work is really awesome!!!! men, i really want to meet you. im actually have a sort of talent in drawing,that's why i love all his works. i hope i could drew the same way takeshi draw his work. and before i forgot im seiji,but that's not my real name,hehe

  6. I love all the Manga's of Takeshi Matsu Im a big fan of him Love it! .^_^.