Monday, November 17, 2008

Beautiful and Scarred

It's a shame that Nightwing (along with Robin and Birds of Prey) is getting canceled.  It (along with Robin as of late) has been a reliable place for eyecandy no matter the artist.  I think it's a mandate that if you're drawing Dick Grayson, you have to make sure he's attractive.

The first two pages of the most recent issue of Nightwing are a good example of this.  You get to see all the scars from the difficulty of being a superhero as he puts on his outfit (something that also apparently appeared in a Batman comic).  However, battered or not, he's still damn hot. 

Dan Kramer did the pencils for this issue and he did a nice job in particular on page two.  It's just too bad that's where the credits have to go.  I'd kill to see a textless version of that page whether it's a lithograph or just a pinup in the (hopefully) eventual trade.

As a bonus, I've also included the cover of the issue which was done by Philip Tan.


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  1. Nightwing's book was selling well (50,000 a month). It probably doesn't have anything to do with sales. The cancellations are because of the ongoing Batman RIP storyline. While it sucks that these titles are going to end, I'm sure they'll be back, is some other shape or form, after the Battle for the Cowl arc.