Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Poll: Theme Weeks

Recently, a new poll was put up on the site asking about theme weeks.  I put that up because the six-month anniversary of HFG is coming and I wanted to do something special for it.  I decided that a week of themed posts would work but I had a ton of ideas and no clue which one I wanted to use.

Here are the choices for a potential theme week:

All-Request Week:  It would be a week made up entirely of requests from visitors to HFG.  I haven't figured out how I would take said requests yet but anyting suitable for the blog is fair game including stuff I have already covered.

No Anime Week:   Anime guys are a big part of what I post here but for one week, I would not post any at all.  To make things even more interesting, I won't cop out and make it all manga.  There would be a max of one manga post for the week. 

Artist Spotlight Week:   A week devoted to the posts that feature the artwork of a single artist.  Although most of the artists spotlighted so far have been Japanese, this week would also include some Western/comics artists.

Video Week:  Every post for this week would feature one or multiple video clips. 

Best of HFG Week:   A recap of some of this blog's best posts so far with maybe a little commentary and some additional art.

No Theme Week At All:  Things stay exactly the same and I'll just wait until the really special one-year anniversary to do something like this.

Please vote and let me know what you think in the comments or other means.  If a theme week happens, it would run from August 7-13 with a minimum of five posts.

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  1. Hi Lacosta
    Nice blog I found it by google. I was collecting images to help me with my drawings. You have a vast collections there and not just dreamy bishonens.
    Glad Dante has mention because I'm sort of fan the game.
    Haven't been online long enough to vote so not sure by what you mean in the post.
    Keep up posting up gorgeous guys.