Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hanamachi Monogatari

Hanamachi Monogatari is a yaoi game from Vivid Color, the same company behind the Silver Chaos games.  It also features the same character designer, Noboru Takatsuki. 
The first few pictures come from the game's official artbook while the other pics are CG's from the game. 


  1. ^-^ This game looks great. I'll have to find!

  2. where can I find uncensored version of CGs from this game or any difrent uncensored art by Noboru Takatsuki?

  3. hola ^^
    este juego luce muy interesante,aunque m gustaria saber de q trata realmente ¬¬_
    bueno aki hay una pag donde hay diferentes juegos yaoi q podeis descargar,incluido este


    lagosta espero q no t molestes si lo hago "^^

    saludos de Ro-chan!!!!

  4. Seriously, where can you find this game? I bet if I can find it in Japanese I can find a translation script on the web somewhere, but where do you get the game??

  5. wow this is an interesting game :D

    im planning to grab some photos here and put them in my yaoi site in imeem. com :)