Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Steal! is a yaoi game by Spray, the same company behind Gakuen Heaven and Kichiku Megane. It's also the source of the pic in HFG's previous post.  A piece of artwork from the game was first posted on HFG in a Misfits post.

I don't know exactly what the game is about, but judging from the pics I've seen, it looks to feature students who are assassins by night.  It's like a dark twist on Gakuen Heaven. 

If anyone knows who did the character designs/artwork for the game, let me know.  Below, you'll find more pics from the game.

Image Archive (.zip)


  1. SPRAY is the Studio and I think the mangaka (artist) is Meiko Akana

  2. I'm sure now Meiko Akana is the artist