Sunday, October 25, 2009

Recommended Links: 10/25/2009

Today's post marks the introduction of a new feature on HFG.  About once a week (give or take), I'm going to feature some links to the other great hot male artwork that's out there.  This inaugural post only has three links but future ones will have more as I start to keep track of all the great stuff I read.  Any links that aren't worksafe will be marked as such.

Just Beautiful Men showcases the wonderful artwork of Ceruleanvil.

Soupgoblin's Stash has a post on the anime Guin Saga, with a focus on the buff, leopard-masked title character (link NSFW).

Finally, The Humplex lets you play with Keric's butt (link NSFW)

Look for a fresh picture post tomorrow.

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