Sunday, July 26, 2009

Iron Man and Wolverine: Anime-Style

Two of the more interesting things to come out of Comic-con are the teasers for Marvel and Madhouse's upcoming anime versions of Iron Man and Wolverine.

While the Iron Man one doesn't give you any clue what Tony Stark looks like under the armor, the Wolverine one is a dramatic change.  It's a bit different even from the American-manga version.  I like the design, but at the same time it seems sort of "generic old-school shounen anime" to me.

Anyway, enjoy the videos below:


  1. The animation looks bad-ass, but I'm just not diggin' Wolverine's long hair. It just doesn't look like him to me. Iron Man looks awesome though. Are these actual Japanese anime or American anime?

  2. Wolverine's new look threw me too, but both are striking enough that I'd definitely check them out.

  3. @ Yumeru ,that's japanese anime and it seems to be directed to a japanese audience.

  4. The animation looks awesome... I hope Sony puts out a video game just as awesome..looks great...keep it up!