Friday, July 24, 2009

Another Look At Jyu-Oh-Sei

Jyu-Oh-Sei was featured here way back in March 2008.  Not too long ago, I decided to buy the show on DVD and watch it in its entirety.  I enjoyed the show quite a bit with the nice combination of hot guys and a good story (although the last two episodes are a bit off). 

As such, I decided to make some screencaps of the series.  Most of the caps are from the latter half of the series (where the main character has gotten a bit older).  There are some spoilers in these caps, so be warned.

This first set of caps is all about context.  Let your mind wander as to what exactly is happening (or is going to happen) in these pics.


Someone who worked on the show must have liked the butts of the characters Zagi and Third.  Why?  Well, how do explain a short sequence in an episode where all we see is this shot of Zagi walking...

...or these two panning shots of Third that I stitched together?

Finally, here are some shots from the show's opening:

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at Jyu-Oh-Sei.  All of the screencaps I made, including ones I didn't post, will be featured in a bonus archive soon.


  1. hi.. cute guys!! lol

    anyways i was wondering to they have shirtless scene?? can u tell me which episode?? thanks!! hahaha

    more power peace!!

  2. Hi,

    In regards to your question...there really isn't a nice shirtless scene in this anime. In fact, the hot semi-shirtless pic that's on the front cover of the DVD never appears in the series.

    The closest thing you get is some scenes with a bandaged up character in the final episode. That being said, there are plenty of guys in wifebeaters and a couple of more muscular guys as well.

  3. this is an awesome anime too. :)