Monday, October 18, 2010

Hunky Lifeguard - A Micro Post

Shinryaku Ika Musume (aka Squid Girl) is a comedic manga turned anime by Masahiro Anbe about a girl from the ocean who attempts to get revenge on humanity (by herself) but ends up working at a beach house instead.

In episode 2, she meets the hunky lifeguard of this post, Goro Arashiyama, who may have a crush on her. I looked at the original manga for comparison and found out that Goro is beefier in the anime than in the manga.

Screencaps featuring Goro (not taken by me) are below.


  1. I suggest you this one as "hot fictional guy" :)

    Archer in MMORPG

  2. kyaaaaa!!! hontou ni sugoii!! follow nd komen balik yax!

  3. Have you ever covered Mori from Host Club in this blog? If not, I humbly suggest him. :)