Friday, August 8, 2008

All-Request Week: Witchblade's Ian Nottingham

All-Request Week continues as Mark requested some pics of Ian Nottingham from the comic Witchblade.

This character is really hot and it's a great request, especially since he's new to me.

Please keep the requests coming (see the sidebar for details)!


  1. Hot! I'm liking the long hair.

  2. He's so tall dark and handsome, very anti-hero-ish as well! I'm a fan and reader of the witchblade graphic novels, and he's one the several fine men that have appeared on the series :D drool!

    Though he reminds me a bit of The Darkness aka Jackie Estacado.. its the hair me thinks!

  3. I think he's the ultimate sexy expression of what a powerful man should be. Most of his images deserve to be reimagined into a live action porno. The only problem is finding the right man for the job:)