Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Request Guidelines

Have a great guy you want to see on Hot Fictional Guys?  Then send in a request!

Here's how it works.  Send me your requests at lagosta2700 at aim dot com.  Any pictures you have to go along with your request are appreciated but not required.  Let me know in your e-mail if you have a site/blog you'd like me to link to and if you don't want your name/screen name on the post. 

Now, there are some guidelines for requests, though, so please read carefully before you send off that e-mail:

One request per week:  You can put multiple requests in your e-mail but I'll only post one request per person per week.

Anything requested has to be worksafe or have worksafe art available:  This means no full-frontal nudity or sex.  So, you could request artwork from a yaoi game but only the non-sexual artwork would be posted.

No comic book/manga/doujinshi/artbook/episode will be posted in full:  A few scans from one of these is okay, but not the whole thing.

Japanese fan art is off-limits unless it's a doujinshi (published fan comic).  Non-Japanese fan art with a source is okay:  The reason I need a source is so I can check to see if the artist doesn't mind their artwork shared.  Of course, feel free to share your own fan artwork.
These guidelines may change at any time.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me.

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