Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Artist Spotlight: Taishi Zaou/Mikiyo Tsuda

Based on the title of this Artist Spotlight post, you might think that it features two different artists. You'd be wrong.

Taishi Zaou and Mikiyo Tsuda are one in the same person. Mikiyo Tsuda is a shoujo manga artist specializing in gender-bending shoujo. She is the creator of Princess Princess (a show covered here a while back), The Day of Revolution (about a boy who becomes a girl), and Family Complex (a manga about a boy dealing with his unusually beautiful family). Taishi Zaou is Mikiyo Tsuda's pen name for her yaoi work.

All three manga series by Mikiyo Tsuda I mentioned above are available in English from DMP. As far as I know, none of her stuff has Taishi Zaou is available yet in the U.S. although a lot of it has been scanlated.

Enjoy this selection of artwork from both of her personas.


  1. waaaaaa!!! my favorite artist EVER!!!!! thank you soooo much~~~!!! XD

  2. To Update your Info there is one that I know of that is published as "Taishi Zaou" in the USA already. It's the very last pic on this page and is titled "Living for Tomorrow".

    I already own it myself, and like all of the others, this one is a very good read! The art and story line won't disappoint!