Monday, August 8, 2011

Emperor Aquaman

Flashpoint is the current major event happening in the DC Universe, one that paves the way for the much talked about reboot of the entire DCU.  All of your favorite superheroes are different in the world of Flashpoint, including Aquaman. 

Emperor Aquaman is the name of the mini-series dealing with Flashpoint's version of Arthur Curry.  While today's post features artwork from that series, I've also included some art of the character from the main Flashpoint series and the Hal Jordan mini-series.

Adrian Syaf did the pencils for the covers and interior artwork from Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman issues #1 and #2.  The alternate cover of Flashpoint  #3 was penciled by Ivan Reis.  The interior art from Flashpoint #2 was penciled by Andy Kubert.  Finally, the interior art from Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1 was done by Ben Oliver.

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