Friday, December 4, 2009

Recommended Links: 12/4/2009

Time for some more links:

The last Recommended Links post featured a link to a video from Dragon Age: Origins with some surprising gay content.  Now, there's more guy/guy stuff in the game than initially thought.  (site NSFW)

Silencio has posted a video which condenses the hours of work he puts in on a piece into just a few minutes. (site NSFW)

Another artist, Kaze House, has put up a nice pic of Wiccan from Young Avengers. (site NSFW)

Just Beautiful Men spotlights the absolutely beautiful graphic novel Black Wade.

Meanwhile, Rain on The Roof reviews Nightlife, the new graphic novel from the author of MANLY. (site NSFW)

Chest of Chests focuses on the hot chests of tattooed comic book guys.

Finally, since a lot of people in the Shoutbox love The Humplex, this post ends with a link to a great (and seriously not worksafe) pic of Keric and a hot nerd. (site NSFW)

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